Repairing an iPhone LCD requires one to remove the LCD from the housing; some iPhones, like the newer ones, are glued down firmly to do metal housing. It takes skill to remove the LCD from the metal housing. Not doing a proper job will damage the LCD, Front Camera, Front Speakers, FLEX cables, or Fingerprint buttons Flex from the iPhone 8 Plus.

Talking to one of my friends does spark some interest and many would admire and want to learn the skill of repairing an iPhone

Moving an iPhone 8 Plus motherboard to a new housing requires removing more than 100 screws, and moving the components, such as Flex cables and Power Button Flex cables, is no easy task.

Kenneth Hong: “Well, I can still remember my first iPhone, the first generation iPhone. It was a very advanced piece of a phone with cutting-edge graphics, a very responsive compass and touch screen, which was called the multi-touch and that time. I would describe the touch screen as very responsive and fluid unlike other phones.”




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